• Facebook to expose Russian fake news pages

    The details: The social network said Wednesday that it will create a page on its support website that will tell a user which pages and accounts they f...

    Nov 26, 2017, 01:02
  • Destiny 2 - Black Friday PS4 Pro Bundle

    From BOGO video game sales to pre-order specials, we're covering it all in the hopes of saving you some money this holiday season. Black Friday 2...

    Nov 25, 2017, 02:10
  • Tencent Passes Facebook in Market Valuation

    This came after the market value for the company reached a record $500 billion. Tencent is certainly creeping up on US based firms like Facebook , ...

    Nov 23, 2017, 00:27
  • Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is free now!

    Those who are total newcomers to StarCraft 2 will receive the game's first campaign - the terran-focused Wings of Liberty - for free. Access to ...

    Nov 16, 2017, 00:56