Apple plans new, improved AirPods, HomePod and over-ear headphones

Jun 26, 2018, 03:48
Apple plans new, improved AirPods, HomePod and over-ear headphones

The new earbuds would tout better noise-cancellation and water resistance against rain and sweat. Sources also say that the updated AirPods would come with a new case that is compatible with the Apple's new wireless charging pad.

Thanks to the slew of improvements, the high-end AirPods will be priced higher than $159 which Apple charges for the existing AirPods.

Apple is also said to be internally thinking about adding biometric sensors for new AirPods, including a heart-rate monitor. The rumoured over the ear headphones could be competing with the premium headphones from rivals such as Bose and Sennheiser. The original goal was to get those out by the end of 2018, but development-related challenges have pushed them back to next year. Bloomberg says that Apple is shifting some production away from Inventec on both the HomePod and AirPods. Well, to release some new headphones at least.

Apple did not immediately reply to a request for comment. Apple said Other Products revenue was up 38% year-over-year in its second quarter, reaching almost $4 billion in total revenue for the period. They will allegedly sit above the Beats headphones sold by Apple. Now, the company is building on that expertise and knowledge and seems to be expanding its audio product lineup to cater to a wider range of audience. A new report coming from Bloomberg now talks about a couple of new features that one can expect from the upcoming wireless earphones. Until now, it has only worked with Inventec and Luxshare Precision Industry Co. Specifics as far as the release schedule weren't offered in the report, but it's possible that Apple itself doesn't know exactly when the new products will be ready. The current HomePod was built with Inventec but production has since expanded to Foxconn.

For the over-ear headphones, Apple has discussed working with Tymphany, a Primax Electronics Ltd. subsidiary that makes consumer and professional audio systems, according to a person familiar with the situation.