The Most Expensive and Powerful MacBook Pro Now Costs $6,898

Jul 13, 2018, 04:58
The Most Expensive and Powerful MacBook Pro Now Costs $6,898

According to Apple, the updated MacBook Pro 13 should deliver twice the performance of its predecessors with 7th Gen Intel chips. The company really souped-up the specs of the latest Macbook Pro model, the one that debuted in 2016 with the controversial butterfly keyboard, 4 sole USB-C ports, and Touch Bar in place of the function keys. Amid a slew of hardware upgrades - including support for 32GB of RAM - Apple also relayed that the new machines feature an "improved third-generation keyboard for quieter typing".

The Back To School / off to university sale is open to students and teachers with some big savings to be grabbed on iPads, MacBooks and Apple Music subscriptions. Arment argued that the entire 2012-2015 Retina Macbook Pro model was the best laptop Apple ever created, with the mid-2015 one being its peak.

At least for MacBook Pro users, the wait for new products is over now, although the 2018 release of the MacBook Pro 13 and 15 might let down some Mac-fans with high-expectations. With the 2018 models, Apple apparently tries to remedy that, as the new models feature bigger batteries with 58 Wh of battery capacity on the MacBook Pro 13 and 83 Wh on the MacBook Pro 15. No awful butterfly keyboard here!

Only the 13in and 15in MacBook Pros with Touch Bar have been updated, leaving the model without a Touch Bar unchanged, along with the smaller MacBook and iMac. Most notably, Apple has not fully changed the design of the laptops' keyboards, which have drawn serious complaints from consumers who find them unreliable. The classic MacBook Pro also had an HDMI port.

iPad Pro - Apple is working on two new 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models that are equipped with a full-screen design similar to the iPhone X and no Home button, with Apple to replace Touch ID with Face ID. It is not clear if Apple will upgrade it to the new fangled electrickery. In some DaVinci Resolve 15 performance charts from ZDNet, we can also see the Blackmagic eGPU adds a seven-fold performance boost to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro gets a two or three times improvement. Apple's website doesn't address the new keyboard's performance or whether the issues experienced with earlier models have been resolved. If they have the money to spend, they can finally get their hands on a MacBook Pro which can easily handle their intensive workload without breaking a sweat.