Google Chromecast down for 12 hours

Jun 28, 2018, 18:39
Google Chromecast down for 12 hours

Here's what we were told by Google: "We're aware of an issue affecting some Google Home and Chromecast users". Google originally responded on Twitter by telling people that they may not have set up their Chromecast or Google Home correctly.

"We're sorry to hear some of our users are experiencing issues with their Google Home and Chromecast". If you would like an immediate fix please follow the directions to reboot your device. Google has confirmed there's indeed an ongoing problem affecting users of these devices, and a fix is on the way. In short, if you ask Google Home a question, Google will not be able to help you. While the Google G Suite - including services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive - gets a status dashboard to let users know if there's a problem that the company is working on, there's no equivalent for its more entertainment- and lifestyle-focused products. If you're also receiving this specific error message, don't bother resetting the speaker like I did because it won't fix anything. In the meantime, leave your Chromecast turned on so it can automatically perform an update once the fix for this was released.

Google is acknowledging the issue, confirming the problems to TechCrunch, but isn't getting specific at this stage.

A Google Home unit on display. It's possible that the outages may stem from issues with the servers that host Google's cloud, but this is pure speculation at this point.

Google has not given a reason why the devices went down but has responded to tweets. Until then, it may be best to avoid using your Google smart devices, if you haven't already, so as to prevent any unnecessary headaches.