Russian gun company unveils ‘electric supercar’ to compete with Tesla

Aug 27, 2018, 07:28
Russian gun company unveils ‘electric supercar’ to compete with Tesla

Kalashnikov's press office stated that the electric cars will let them stand on a global platform-and can compete with high-ranking electric vehicle producers such as Tesla.

It introduced the brand-new model at Army 2018, an worldwide forum showcasing 28,000 military items from 1,500 companies where earlier this week Kalashnikov unveiled a weird-looking golden military robot.

Russia's biggest gun manufacturer is looking to take on Tesla with its new electric concept auto.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Kalashnikov CV-1.

The vehicle itself, called the CV-1, is created to mimic the Soviet-era Izh 2125 "Kombi," a station wagon released in 1972.

Russia's native arms manufacturer and maker of the famous AK-47 assault rifle, Kalashnikov, on Thursday revealed its own electric vehicle, saying the technology will compete with that of Elon Musk-promoted Tesla.

This reportedly includes an inverter that can power the prototype for up to 217 miles on a single charge.

When fully developed, the auto would have a top speed several times higher than the electric cars presently manufactured by the company and it would have a range of 350 km on a single charge, Kalashnikov claims.

It is also noted that on 7 August, the founder of Tesla have published several reports about the possible withdrawal of the company from the stock exchange in his microblog on Twitter.

Ivanova also told RBC: "The auto is competing with Tesla because it's now a successful electric vehicle project". Over the years, the company has ventured into new business ranging from clothing to making covers for mobile phones.

Kalashnikov is using the CV-1 as a platform to demonstrate its electric powertrain components, developed in-house.