Meghan Markle had a wardrobe malfunction and people are LOSING it

Aug 07, 2018, 02:05
Meghan Markle had a wardrobe malfunction and people are LOSING it

The Duchess of Sussex, celebrating her 37th birthday on Saturday, attended separately and waved to crowds of well-wishers as she entered. But according to a new report, Kate Middleton might not make it to Princess Eugenie's nuptials.

Meghan Markle is still on the outs with her father, Thomas Markle. "Kate and Pippa have had so much fun shopping online for baby clothes and accessories!"

Meghan has been leaning on her new husband, Prince Harry, and her in-laws during this hard time.

Meghan and Harry are said to be keeping a low profile at their house in the Cotswolds due to increased media attention. His ire does not seem to fade as his latest claim is that his daughter has completely cut him out of her life and that the royal family is trying to keep him quiet. Everything that Meghan is, I made her. She accessorized with a Philip Treacy fascinator, a favorite milliner of the royal family. The Duchess of Sussex turns 37 on August 4.

This fall, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will make their first major royal tour to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, the Foreign Commonwealth office, at the request of the host countries.

The brand, of course, was thrilled: there's no better publicity for a fashion label than for the Duchess of Sussex to wear your clothing.

Past year she and Harry celebrated her birthday at a private getaway in Africa shortly before they announced their engagement. In past years, William and Kate have been spotted going to church in the village of Crathie.

Thomas has pushed himself into the public eye ever since his daughter's engagement, giving high-profile interviews about Meghan and Harry.

Meghan pointed to the product range and said, "I'm sure at some point we'll need the whole [lot]".

Just days before The Mirror made claims about a secret United States meet-up, the Daily Mail alleged that a "close friend of Meghan's" had told them that a reconciliation between the two was not going to happen any time soon.