Red alerts for Portugal, Spain amid 'extreme heat'

Aug 05, 2018, 08:58
Red alerts for Portugal, Spain amid 'extreme heat'

Eight places across Portugal have seen the mercury reach near record highs, peaking at around 47 degrees in one region.

Spain saw its hottest temperatures in July of a year ago, with a high of 117.1F.

The World Meteorological Organisation said continental Europe's heat record is 48 degrees, set in Greece in 1977.

If you're over in Spain right now or you're travelling there on vacay today, be sure to keep hydrated and in the shade, because unsafe highs of 118F/48C are expected in central areas of the country, with health warnings issued in 41 of the country's 50 provinces, according to the Daily Mail.

The country's civil protection agency reported 426 firefighters were putting out fires or checking alerts in the north and centre of the country.

Neighbouring Portugal has been described as "Hot as Hell" as temperatures have risen to 46 degrees this afternoon.

Forecasts are for a high of 44C in the Portuguese city of Evora, 130km east of Lisbon, and the Spanish province of Badajoz across the border.

A large plume of roasting hot air has set in motion another heatwave, not just in the United Kingdom, but across Europe, paving the way for warm weather through the rest of summer.

But as the weekend approaches, thermometers are forecast to exceed 30C in parts of southern England as high pressure takes charge, locking in the hot weather.

"Oh it's bad", said tourist Paul Snell.

Summer temperatures close to 40 degrees Celsius are not unusual in southern parts of the Iberian peninsula.

Meanwhile in Spain, media reports said two people died of heatstroke in the southeastern Murcia region, while a third - believed to be homeless - died in Barcelona. The K-Supermarket said on its Facebook page that patrons hoping to cool down could sleep overnight in its air-conditioned store in Helsinki.

In Germany, state rail operator Deutsche Bahn said it was offering free water to passengers in case of delays and would keep air conditioning running on its trains even when they are empty. Fishery authorities in the canton of Zurich were combing creeks to rescue fish from suffocation as streams dry up or oxygen levels plunge.

Abnormally high temperatures during these days are recorded in many European capitals.

The global picture: The latest heat wave comes in the wake of the hottest-ever day on the Korean Peninsula, hottest July in Finland, the hottest-ever month at any location in the U.S.

Dozens of the country's Baltic Sea beaches have "no swimming" warnings due to health risks from algae blooms.