Smoking ban in public housing goes into effect Tuesday

Aug 02, 2018, 04:27
Smoking ban in public housing goes into effect Tuesday

There's no smoking within 25 feet of a New York City Housing Authority building.

The movement is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's ban on smoking in public housing, a rule that was passed almost two years ago in November 2016. Multiple fires in central IL were caused by indoor smoking, like the fire at Concord Apartments that claimed the life of one man this year. "Them trying to tell you you can't smoke in your apartment or wherever", Tequita Brown said.

"Residents have been required to sign new leases acknowledging the new policy and staff will continue to provide smoking cessation program information to residents as requested", Lemons said. Housing authorities, including Memphis, have said they have met with tenants and will work with people to kick the habit. It doesn't, however, govern any of the other mixed-income housing properties that FWHS owns.

On Tuesday, smoking inside or out, is prohibited. It doesn't apply to e-cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

HUD notes that people "do not have to quit smoking" to live in government housing, but need to follow the new ban.

"There's more issues than just smoking inside somebody's home". According to the HUD, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated housing agencies can save more than $100 million if a smoke free policy was implemented.

Montgomery said besides health benefits, there are financial benefits to having a smoke-free policy.