Resident Evil Remake 2 Iconic Feature Missing Unless You Play More

Jul 28, 2018, 10:38
Resident Evil Remake 2 Iconic Feature Missing Unless You Play More

This confirms what many analysts had been expecting, once it was confirmed that the third person "over-the-shoulder" perspective would be used in the Resident Evil 2 remake, since that perspective is considered very disorienting in VR, and first-person views are usually used, as was the case in Resident Evil 7 biohazard. Next up, there's the 32-page art book, called "Ben's File" Art Book, alluding to the freelance journalist Ben Bertolucci from RE 2. You'll still be escaping the zombie horde that's infested Raccoon City as either rookie cop Leon or college student Claire, but the game offers fresh scares and horrifying challenges for players to survive.

We're ready for Resident Evil 2, are you? It was also super cool to revisit the Raccoon Police Department. The Collector's Edition will be available exclusively through GameStop and EB Games and will cost you a cool $199.99. And, of course, Capcom is going to try and cash in as much as possible, and therefore, the Collector's Edition of the RE 2 Remake. The image, which shows protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield standing back-to-back, is clearly inspired by a classic piece of key art from the original PSone release.

A diagram reminiscent of blueprints, this poster illustrates how the building was renovated and transformed from a museum to a police facility when work was being done on the building in 1969. Let us know your thoughts below or on social media on which edition of the game you'll be adding to your collection.

Iconic series defining gameplay - Engage in frenzied combat with enemies, explore dark menacing corridors, solve puzzles to access areas and collect and use items discovered around the environment in a terrifying constant fight for survival.