Fortnite in-game purchases pass $1 billion mark

Jul 23, 2018, 06:51
Fortnite in-game purchases pass $1 billion mark

It'll last three days, and the first challenge will award players with 5,000 experience points for playing through 14 matches.

Jump in-game and join the celebration on July 24. While Fortnite's more popular Battle Royale mode won't be celebrating its first birthday until late September, Save the World turns one-year-old on July 25. Many thought the tweet came from the real Disney XD account and the rumor gained enough traction and retweets that Epic Game's Nick Chester took to Twitter to say that the rumors were completely false.

The Summer Skirmish champion defended himself, however, using several photos of his PlayStation 4 controller, receipt from controller manufacturer Cinch Gaming, and his game replays on PS4 as evidence.

Epic Games had planned on hosting the Summer Skirmish events on a Saturday as to not clash with NerdOut's Sunday tournament and Keemstar's Friday tournament. According to Fortnite Tracker, a very reliable source of Fortnite info and leaks, the Android data is now in the game files since the last update. It was recently revealed that the game has made more than $1 billion from microtransactions alone.

Fortnite Android Release Date

The final standings for the top 20 placements of the Week 2 Fortnite Summer Skirmish 500K solo tournament can be found below. However, with higher prize money up for grabs, games can become less about intense competitions and more about staying out of harm's way to increase the chances of winning big at the Fortnite tournament.

The Fortnite community are notorious for producing suggestions to the developers, Epic Games, for various features, modes, skins and additions to be implemented into the game.

Who won the Fortnite tournament today?

"The process of getting Playground stable and in the hands of our players was tougher than we would have liked, but was a solid reminder that complex distributed systems fail in unpredictable ways", the news release states.