‘Fortnite’ season 5 trailer brings golf carts and temporal rifts

Jul 12, 2018, 19:43
‘Fortnite’ season 5 trailer brings golf carts and temporal rifts

Well, season 5's new battle pass has you covered. The ATK has enough room for the player's entire squad, which should make it easier for squad players to outrun the shrinking storm together, or maneuver through the map and strategize a new plan of attack. If you had the Season 4 Battle Pass you'll get some free levels on this one to kick start your progress, but there's also a change this time to how challenges are handled.

Did you also want to play golf and basketball with your buddies? There are also two new locations for players to visit called Paradise Palms and Lazy Links. We also know the update will add in the two skins featured in the image below, which seem to support the theory that the update will be themed around multiple worlds and time periods colliding. There's a lot to go over in the patch notes but some of the most notable new additions to the game will be the new All Terrain Kart (ATK) and Rifts that will be dotted around the battle royale map.

The endgame will behave a bit differently now, as well, as the center of storm circles seven, eight, and nine can now shift in random directions.

Starting in Season 5, progressive challenges will no longer be restricted to a single season. This means that if you're really close to a new reward and the new season is imminent, you won't lose your chance to get that skin you spent the whole month trying to earn.

Auto-fire has also been added as an option in the iOS game - you can toggle it on and off in the settings menu.

Epic Games has just updated Fortnite with Season 5, providing an all-terrain kart and some reasons to use it ...

There are some other more minor bug fixes and tweaks to the game, which can be read in full here.