Trump Adds #MeToo Movement Jab to Unhinged Rally Repertoire

Jul 06, 2018, 23:57
Trump Adds #MeToo Movement Jab to Unhinged Rally Repertoire

President Donald Trump lobbed personal and derogatory attacks at two Democratic senators, mocked the #MeToo movement and vouched for President Vladimir Putin of Russian Federation on Thursday during a freewheeling, raucous rally ostensibly meant to solidify support for Montana's Republican Senate candidate.

Trump dedicated considerably more of his campaign rally attacking Tester than he did uplifting Matt Rosendale, his Republican opponent, and he admitted that his beef with the Democrat stems from guilt over Dr. Ronny Jackson's failed nomination to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, not just politics.

In response to the latest comments, she said, "While you obsess over my genes, your Admin is conducting DNA tests on little kids because you ripped them from their mamas..."

In a second tweet, Teigen wrote: "And why would you have to toss it? where is he going with this? his brain is eating itself".

There were notable caveats to Trump's riffs: He hailed his administration's deregulation push but made no mention of his pre-rally announcement that Scott Pruitt would resign as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. Learn your heritage! Guy says I was born in Scotland.

"You gotta stay into it", the president's son said, imploring Trump supporters to sustain their enthusiasm and turn out for Rosendale on November 6. He told the crowd to be sure to tune in on Monday at 9 p.m., adding, "I think you'll be extremely happy with the selection".

Trump, who has repeatedly sparred with Warren in recent years, revived his nickname of "Pocahontas" for the senator - a reference to the 2012 election when then-Sen.

'A vote for Jon tester is a vote for Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi and the new leader of the Democrat Party, Maxine Waters, ' said Trump.

"Let's say I'm debating Pocahontas, right?"

"The war was lost" on trade "many years ago", Mr. Trump said, but now "we're going to win it". Dr. Jackson and his staff went out they gave me a physical. While Tester voted against Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and the Republican tax bill, he is considered a more centrist member of the caucus. "And it's great to be here tonight with thousands of proud, hardworking American patriots, thank you", Trump said, addressing the crowd. I say, "I really don't know, he said he'd do it"'. Trumps message will influence his decision, he said. You know? He's the one, ' Trump said, recalling Jackson's commanding performance in the White House briefing room describing the president's health.

His attacks on Warren's heritage weren't new, but the addition of an offer of $1 million for DNA testing was reminiscent of Trump's favorite line of attack that contributed heavily to his rise in America's political conscience - birtherism.

Last week in a North Dakota rally Trump criticized Senate Democrat incumbent Heidi Heitkamp for much the same. "Now even the liberals are saying, 'Take a test. Take a test'".

Tester is one of 10 Senate Democrats running for re-election in states that Trump won in the 2016 election.

"Getting along with a good thing".