Senegal and Japan fans tidy up after their World Cup matches

Jun 21, 2018, 19:48
Senegal and Japan fans tidy up after their World Cup matches

With their surprise win against Colombia on Tuesday, the Japanese soccer team won their first World Cup game since 2010.

You could say they had a stake after all the co-hosted the championship with Korea, but African representatives Senegal who only Tuesday showed class by being the first African country competing in Russian Federation to win a match re-enacted what Japanese fans did four years ago by cleaning up the stadium 40 minutes after their match against Poland.

We don't know about you, but we think there's enough similarities here for us to be die-hard Senegal fans for the remainder of the tournament.

Colombia meet Japan before Poland face Senegal and all four sides will feel they have a good chance of making the knockout stages.

But while fans of most victorious (or indeed losing) nations may have followed up with rowdy celebrations and heavy drinking, clips have emerged of both sets of supporters cleaning up after themselves by removing stadium clutter post-match.

"So Japan is basically the only country in the world where people have manners". Russia's victory was predicted by the "psychic" cat Achilles, who also predicted Russia's win in the World Cup opening game.

Japan has also been getting in on the action and scoured the stadium, row by row, to ensure the Mordovia Arena in Saransk was clean.

"Senegal achieved a historic triumph", Argentinian media outlet TyC Sports tweeted. A few hours after Senegal's win, Egypt then also lost its second match, 3-1 against Russian Federation.

"What better place to make a statement about the need to care responsibly for the planet than the World Cup?" he asked.

Not bad, Senegal and Japan.