Taxi hits pedestrians in Moscow amid World Cup festivities

Jun 17, 2018, 07:59
Taxi hits pedestrians in Moscow amid World Cup festivities

Seven people have been left injured after a taxi ploughed into a crowd in Moscow, according to the Sun.

Police in the Russian capital said the driver probably lost control of the vehicle before the accident near Red Square.

It cited the driver, who was in police custody, as saying he had not driven into the crowd on objective.

Officers say the driver in the crash on Saturday has been detained.

Seven of the victims were treated for minor injuries while one is in a serious condition at hospital. He then flees the vehicle as bystanders attempt to apprehend him.

Taxi crashed into pedestrians in Moscow.

Mexican nationals were among the injured, it said.

The Moscow Traffic Authority has said the driver claimed he did not hit the crowd on goal.

He is quoted as telling the police that he had been working for more than two days straight driving World Cup tourists and had accidentally stepped on the gas.

Moscow traffic authority cited the taxi driver as saying that he did not act on objective.

A witness told Reuters that some of the people hit were wearing Mexican team colours.

Russian Federation is now hosting the World Cup, and promised "unprecedented" security measures in all cities hosting the games.

The Moscow traffic authority posted on Twitter a copy of what it said was the taxi driver's licence. Moscow city health officials put that number at eight. A total of 64 matches will be played in 12 venues in 11 Russian cities.