Melania finally resurfaces after 24-day absence

Jun 08, 2018, 05:15
Melania finally resurfaces after 24-day absence

She's not scheduled to accompany Trump to an annual world leaders' summit in Canada this weekend, or when he meets with North Korea's leader in Singapore next week.

There was a chance she could have made an appearance this week, but The Hill reported that she would not be attending a "Celebration of America" event at the White House on Tuesday. As you might expect, she is dressed in black and sitting in the front row next to her husband. Her spokesperson did not specify why, even though Melania joined the president during last year's G7 trip to Italy. Four days later, on May 14, White House Communications Director Stephanie Grisham announced that the first lady had been rushed into emergency surgery for a benign kidney condition. She was, according a tweet Trump sent last week, at the White House, "feeling great". Such families have loved ones who were killed during military service.

But a CNBC reporter tweeted this week: 'Not that this will deter the conspiracy theorists, but I saw the First Lady walking with her aides in the West Wing yesterday afternoon'.

Mrs. Trump recently underwent a kidney operation to treat a benign condition and has since been absent from public life.

"The fact that there does not appear to be any logical reason for why she's not going [to the summits] is likely to fuel our suspicions that the Trump marriage is distant and or dysfunctional", said Stacy Cordery, a history professor at Iowa State University.

"Mrs. Trump has at all times been a robust and impartial girl who places her household, and definitely her well being above all else, and that will not change over a rabid press corps".

CNN's Kate Bennett tweeted that the president referred to his wife's presence in the room, joking, "Did she leave him?"

The rumor mill has been working overtime in Melania's absence, speculating that she's moved out of the White House completely, or that her rumored body double is out of town.

"She will not attend the G7 and there are no plans for her to travel to Singapore at this time", Grisham said Sunday.

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Melania sniped at the press earlier Monday for inquiring about her.

Until Monday, the first lady had been out of the public eye for 25 consecutive days.

"She's confident in what she is doing and in her role, and knows the rest is just speculation and nonsense", the statement added.

Melania and Gregoire Trudeau also participated in the meeting between their husbands at the White House last October.