Australia exempted from United States tariffs on steel and aluminium

Jun 02, 2018, 01:20
Australia exempted from United States tariffs on steel and aluminium

Brussels followed its major allies into battle against the U.S. after President Donald Trump delivered on his "America First" promises and slapped duties of 25 percent on imports of steel and 10 percent on aluminium.

Getting the president to walk back from the line he drew in the sand Thursday won't be easy, they acknowledge.

Donald Trump risks isolating the USA from its allies with his latest move.

"This is a very strong Canadian action in response to a very bad US decision".

"Canadians have served alongside Americans in two World Wars and in Korea. That's exactly what happened in the 30s", Macron said.

Will the trade war escalate?

"That Canada could be considered a national-security threat to the United States is inconceivable", said Trudeau, adding that the people of the US are not Canada's target, and that the federal government would have far preferred that its hand wasn't forced.

His cabinet colleague Luis Videgaray, the secretary of foreign affairs, said Mexico "has its limits" but its position on various themes in which it cooperates with the USA will not change because of "offensive rhetoric or unjustified measures" such as the tariffs. When asked about any concerns related to the G7, Trudeau said Canada would "continue to highlight that working together as friends and allies is extremely important for the prosper advertise process prosperity to each of our citizens".

Ross said there was "no longer a very precise date when they may be concluded", and that as a result, Canada and Mexico were added to the list of countries hit with tariffs.

"We can't live in a world where might makes right".

"We need a strong Prime Minister who will stand up to Trump and fight for British industries and British jobs".

The key, sources say, will be to find a way to give Trump the political cover he needs to claim a face-saving political victory. Neither Canada nor Mexico has walked away yet, at least.

Le Maire said that he would press Mnuchin for sanction exemptions for specific French companies so they could operate in Iran.

Canada and Mexico, which are top steel exporters to the United States, have also said they would pursue countermeasures.

Business leaders in Canada and the USA predicted dire economic consequences as result of the decision, which was derided on both sides of the Atlantic.

Trump also claimed nations admit in closed door meetings they are taking advantage of the USA, then compared them to the media, a group he regularly trashes. House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is not seeking re-election, has said he disagrees with the decision.

Even some of Trump's supporters criticized the measures. "This is a bad day for world trade", he said.

Trump, unmoved by all of it, dug in his heels.

International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde tweeted from the G7 Symposium in Whistler, Canada, that President Donald Trump's imposition of metal tariffs on key allies would disrupt trade. "It is entirely inappropriate to view any trade with Canada as a national security threat to the United States", she said. This latest action on steel and aluminium could be a gambit to show that Mr Trump is not bluffing when he threatens to erect trade barriers. "I like free trade", he told reporters. She dismissed the argument that the tariffs were needed for USA national security reasons.

The sources interviewed Friday emphasized that anything could "turn on a dime" with Trump; hours later, they were proven correct.

In Mexico, the economy secretary said care has been taken to impose retaliatory tariffs that will have an impact on regions of the USA with strong political influence.