30-year-old evicted by parents meets deadline to leave home

Jun 02, 2018, 01:11
30-year-old evicted by parents meets deadline to leave home

A 30-year-old man who made headlines last week after he was ordered by a judge to vacate his parents' NY home has officially left the residence, but not before calling the police on his father regarding some missing Legos.

Michael Rotondo, the man evicted after months of wrangling with his parents, complied Friday with the ruling that a county supreme court justice handed down last week.

CNY Central tracked down a Michael Rotondo from the Albany area who now lives in California, but is the same age as the one in Camillus (who goes by "Mike") and shows up in searches because they're both from Upstate New York. Rotondo, whose eviction from his parents' home drew national attention finally left hours before a court-ordered deadline.

News crews recorded him packing up a pickup truck this week.

Mr Rotondo told journalists gathered outside the family home on Friday morning that he had called law enforcement because his father would not let him retrieve his eight-year-old son's Lego from the basement. The father offered to look for specific items and bring them out if he found them. The Legos were found after police arrived.

Rotondo has said the eviction fight is connected with his efforts to get back visitation time with his 8-year-old son.

On Thursday, Rotondo told USA Today that he has most of his stuff moved into a storage unit and will sleep at his parents house one more tie Thursday night. And sadly, other Michael Rotondos got caught in the crossfire - including one who also happens to hail from central NY, in Albany. It ended in court, where on May 22 a judge ruled Rotondo had to move out and would not be given a six-month extension.

Michael Rotondo has told local media he is battling for custody of his son.

"Rotondo said that wasn't good enough and called police".

As for his future plans, he says he's looking for "someplace affordable, with internet" to live, and that he won't speak to his parents again.