Two hurt in Indiana middle school shooting

May 29, 2018, 08:57
Two hurt in Indiana middle school shooting

"He's a hero. If he didn't do anything he probably would have continued shooting and a lot more of us would have been injured and possibly killed, so it was just something that not most people would have done but he was really fearless to do it", he said.

Jason Seaman, a 29-year-old science teacher, was identified by several students as the person to help stop the shooting.

Another student said that her science teacher told his class at the beginning of past year that he would throw "tennis and golf balls and do whatever it takes if an intruder ever came into our room".

An Indiana teacher had surgery after being shot three times when he intervened in a school shooting at his middle school. Republican U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks said she met Seaman at the middle school.

The other student wounded, Whistler, was in critical but stable condition.

Seaman released a statement saying in part, "I want to let everyone know that I was injured but am doing great".

President Donald Trump also praised Seaman for his actions, calling him a hero in a Tweet on Saturday.

Arrangements for students returning to school in the coming days were still in process, Barnes and Niedermeyer said. The students were in class when the suspect asked to be excused.

"He's a good coach and a good teacher", Long said, "an all-around good guy". Seaman was shot three times. Ethan said he never thought a school shooting "would somehow get that close to you".

"You see it on the news; you just don't think about it happening in your backyard", Vedder said. He says no other information is available about the victims. "He's in all my classes and it's just a shock that he would do something like that".

The shooting happened in Noblesville. Sandy McWilliams, a member of a landscaping crew working nearby, said six officers toting assault rifles entered a home.

IN middle school student entered classroom and began firing before being detained by the teacher. We will spend the next days and weeks processing what happened and why, " the statement said.

After the IN attack, students were bused to the Noblesville High School gym, where hundreds of parents and other family members arrived to retrieve them. "You'll be proud of them, too".

Jowitt said a secondary threat was received at Noblesville High School. He said his girlfriend's sister was in a classroom adjacent to the shooting. "Students, teachers, faculty acted swiftly and appropriately and I'm sure because of that lives were saved". That school will be open from 10 2 provide counseling to students and their families.

"Legislators must admit and take seriously that we have to keep guns out of our schools, and restrict access to deadly weapons by unsafe individuals".