DICE Teams up with Nvidia for Battlefield V

May 24, 2018, 15:25
DICE Teams up with Nvidia for Battlefield V

Play Untold War Stories - Witness human drama set against global combat in the single player War Stories. Gustavsson teased some of these unseen locations like "freezing" Scandinavia, the deserts of Northern Africa, or "the once-beautiful Rotterdam".

Among the thrilling announcements, such as the return of co-op, new modes, Grand Operations, and NO PREMIUM PASS, was a feature that many have stated they wanted more of: Customization. Called Combined Arms, you will be able to squad up with your mates to play through missions as the Pathfinders, paratroopers that go behind enemy lines without any support. And yes, as you'll see in the following clip, there are also female characters in it. But that does not mean that Dice has done away with any of the conventional formats and the War Stories mode that was introduced in Battlefield 1 will be making a comeback in this game, focussing on specific heroes. But importantly, the result of each round or day, has a greater impact on the supplies and respawn reinforcements available to each side at the start of each new day, and also whether the Operation leads to a climactic finale, in which each player may only have one life and it is a last man standing situation. Instead, it will expand upon Battlefield 1's multi-stage Operations mode and split combat into multiple, epic "days" of battle. There are some reminiscent game modes apart from the new ones alongside DLCs. If the game actually makes it all the way to Day 4, both teams will be exhausted and broken with very little to no resources left, forced to fight to the last man/woman with whatever they can muster.


"You can of course expect large-scale multiplayer in the next Battlefield - but Battlefield V takes it to the next level". These fortifications can be used to build impromptu cover, fix previously destroyed buildings, or even create foxholes, giving players brand new offensive and defensive options. I'm hoping to see more proper gameplay later on at E3 though. The trailer shows that players can shoulder barge through doors move and shoot while crawling backwards.

The military shooter sequel will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC on October 19, with pre-order and special-edition versions unlocking on October 16, while EA Access members (only on XB1/PC) get an even earlier crack on October 11.