Iran hails 'constructive meeting' with European Union on nuclear deal

May 17, 2018, 01:07
Iran hails 'constructive meeting' with European Union on nuclear deal

Trump opted not to extend sanctions relief on Iran ahead of a May 12 deadline, vowing instead to re-impose nuclear-related economic penalties.

Commenting on the May 15 move, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Trump's conditions a "significant pressure" upon the other signatories of the Iran nuclear accord.

Boris Johnson has held talks with his French and German counterparts as they work to save the Iran nuclear deal after the USA chose to withdraw from the agreement. This would keep the United States as the focus of worldwide blame, maintain numerous benefits Iran is getting from economic cooperation with Europe and others, and avoid a crisis that could lead to military conflict.

"I think there's a certain naivete to think, oh, the Iranians are going to be excited about a new deal when we ripped up the old one", Paul said. This last may lead to a realignment of forces in the worldwide arena with China and the European Powers forging a new alliance independent of the US.

The discussion will focus on, among others, how to maintain economic relations and effective banking transactions with Iran in the context of renewed U.S sanctions, according to Mogherini. The price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil, the main domestic benchmark, was about $71 per barrel Tuesday, an increase of just around $2 from before the announcement.

-The ones who are going to do business with Iran and invest in Iran are the European private sectors and governments can not force them to work with Iran. As a result of the deal, many countries began buying more Iranian oil; Iranian exports are up by over a million barrels a day, providing tens of millions of dollars every day for Iran's economy.

Despite the European Union promises to keep the JCPOA alive without the USA, there are some major concerns about the European Union promises for Iran.

He stated: "I consider we're heading in the right direction".

The regulation, which has never been applied, would need to be modernised to take into account the evolution in the business environment, and USA sanctions related to Iran would need to be added to the list of issues.

To that end, the so-called E-3, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, will meet with Iranian officials over the coming two weeks.

Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the JCPOA, and the United States has not. "It can be a real shift in the balance of power", Caroline Galacteros, a geopolitics and strategic intelligence expert, said on the France 24 Debate show.

He stated: "We’re right here for the United Kingdom to clearly stand with our European buddies and companions, France and Germany to point out our dedication to the deal".

Danilov highlighted that both yuan-denominated oil trade and euro-denominated transactions could eventually diminish the world's dependence on the U.S. dollar.

"We had a useful meeting". (For foreign central banks, the new USA measures would only apply to energy-related transactions.) Washington's ultimate aim is to hit the correspondent banking system, which underpins worldwide financial transactions and involves two banks in different countries establishing accounts with each other to facilitate global money transfers.

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