Engineers are taught to run humanoid robot Atlas

May 12, 2018, 07:36
Engineers are taught to run humanoid robot Atlas

Inspired by the existing Spot robot, though significantly smaller as the name implies, SpotMini has four legs and an optional articulated arm that looks like a giraffe's neck. This is an fantastic feat, considering the fact the first iteration of the robot was released only a couple of years ago by Boston Dynamics and it was just learning to balance itself and moving around the tricky terrain.

The dog-like SpotMini robot climbs up and down stairs.

Boston Dynamics' robots keep getting smarter - and soon they'll be available for purchase.

The latest video shows the Atlas robot casually jogging around in the woods.

The robot shot to fame earlier this month when Boston Dynamics released a video titled 'Hey Buddy, Can You Give Me a Hand?' showing a SpotMini robot dog holding a door using a clawed hand.

Raibert says he's also looking at deploying the robots in construction work. As you can see in the video, Atlas seamlessly goes for a jog and jumps over a log. all on its own.

Although Boston Dynamics never released a commercial robot under Google, Raibert credited his company's former owner for helping it to start thinking of ways to bring its technology to a broader market.

Google bought the Waltham, Massachusetts, firm in 2013, then sold it past year to Japanese tech giant SoftBank.