Trump says GOP had 'great night' in primaries

May 11, 2018, 04:19
Trump says GOP had 'great night' in primaries

In Indiana, GOP Senate primary victor Mike Braun cast his self-financed, outsider image in the mold of the president, arguing more private sector Americans are still needed in Washington.

According to Politico, Trump called Jenkins but as of Wednesday night had yet to reach out to Morrisey.

Trump, who scored a decisive victory in OH over Hillary Clinton in 2016 after Obama carried the state twice, sent a congratulatory Tweet for DeWine, a former US senator.

In both cases, Trump's party appears to have avoided the missteps that doomed candidates in high-profile Senate races in the past.

And if you're Joe Manchin, point out how many times you've voted with President Trump on things like his Secretary of State nominee, or coal issues.

"Democrats are here. But it nearly felt like we didn't know that we were out there", Crooks said earlier this year when she announced her campaign.

Manchin ducked when asked if he'd accept a Blankenship endorsement, saying he'd have "no control" over that and hadn't talked to Blankenship recently. Joe Manchin in November and put a blight on the party with comments about "Cocaine Mitch" McConnell's "China family".

Blankenship came in third, behind Rep. Evan Jenkins and the victor of the GOP primary, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey.

Moore was among a handful of extreme candidates in recent years who have won a Republican nomination only to eventually lose their Senate elections. "You've been to the state now four times". Sherrod Brown in November. Home-state Vice President Mike Pence will also attend the rally.

The key Senate contests headlined primary elections across four states on Tuesday that will help shape the political landscape in this fall's midterm elections. This is only moving them away from the center where most Americans tend to gravitate, especially as those who voted for the president see their taxes lowered, American hostages returned from North Korea, and most importantly, the trust in votes cast fulfilled.

Renacci, who was the front-runner for the Republican nomination headed into Tuesday's vote, will face Democratic Sen.

IN voters made it clear on Tuesday night - they want someone who isn't entrenched in Washington, D.C. Republicans chose businessman and former state representative Mike Braun over Reps.

The GOP looks to flip a couple of seats in November.

Advisers said the president was pleased that Republicans nominated Attorney General Pat Morrissey, considered a stronger challenger against Manchin.

Overall, Ohio voters stuck with the center of their political parties yesterdayin picking their statewide and congressional candidates.

A handful of sometimes chaotic special elections have given way to the results-oriented, methodic and measured approach to elections traditionally practiced by Republicans as the party has finally united. Hall, a former minister, received 42% of the vote in Tuesday's crowded six-candidate Democratic primary. Joe Donnelly, a centrist Democrat who has been always been a top target of Republican strategists.

Republicans are defending a fragile 51-49 Senate majority, which they are increasingly framing as a last line of defense against a Democratic takeover of Congress.

Shortly before losing the primary, Blankenship left the door open to supporting Manchin in the general election. There was some political license in the framing: Braun was a sitting state representative until he resigned to run for the Senate, and was not discernibly more or less conservative than his opponents. A pro-Trump political action committee America First was airing ads promoting Gina Haspel, Trump's nominee to be Central Intelligence Agency director, and urging residents to call Manchin to support her confirmation. "He has the conservative views that I have", Vogel said. But losing Mr. Trump's confidence, as Blankenship did, can be costly. The head of the Senate Republican campaign arm highlighted Blankenship's criminal history.

Blankenship served a year in prison for his role in the 2010 West Virginia mine explosion that killed 29 men.

"You have rightfully complained about fake news and the corrupt Obama-era Department of Justice (DOJ)", Blankenship wrote.

Blankenship had previously called himself "Trumpier than Trump".

"We ran against the establishment, and the establishment is not going to give up their position easily", Blankenship said in his concession speech Tuesday night. "The other candidates are lawyers who never really practiced law and became career politicians", Keller said.