Ricciardo, Verstappen warned about crashing just hours before Azerbaijan Grand Prix

May 05, 2018, 18:14
Ricciardo, Verstappen warned about crashing just hours before Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Verstappen and Ricciardo had been at each other's throats for much of the race on the streets of Baku, and their high-speed collision with 11 laps remaining appeared nearly inevitable.

Several moves up the inside of Turn 1 were then countered by Verstappen biting back at Turn 2, but it looked as though Ricciardo made his move stick on lap 35 to take fourth place.

When Vertsappen defended the manoeuvre, the Australian slammed straight into the back of his auto - causing both vehicles to spin off the track and consequently ended the duo's afternoon.

"Both drivers should have enough brain to avoid such an accident".

Lucky Lewis Hamilton triumphed at a frenetic Azerbaijan Grand Prix as Valtteri Bottas saw victory snatched from his grasp and Max Verstappen was sent crashing out of the race by his own teammate.

Horner sat motionless, aghast at what he had just witnessed.

"The most important thing is that they both recognise that what has happened is unacceptable", Horner added. 'This was the worst-case scenario and everyone is pretty heartbroken'. It is enormously disappointing.

Initially, he said both drivers "were in the doghouse", but moderated his comments in a subsequent statement.

"What's annoying is that we've given away an awfully large amount of points today, so both drivers will be apologising to all the members of staff, who work so hard to put these cars together, before the next race in Barcelona".

"I don't care who is to blame", Marko said.

However, their last battle ended in tears as Ricciardo went to pass Verstappen, the Dutchman blocked, and Ricciardo crashed into the rear of the sister Red Bull.

Horner also confirmed that the team hadn't expected Verstappen to jump ahead of Ricciardo at the pitstops, an outcome that led to the crash as it left the Australia behind on tyres that had got up to temperature faster.

"It is 70 per cent Verstappen, and 30 per cent Ricciardo", Lauda said. It is a disaster.

"I don't think we need to speak about whose fault [it is] because at the end of the day we are racing for a team, we are representing a lot of people and when this happens it's not good for both of us".

The incident comes as Ricciardo is publicly considering a move to Ferrari or Mercedes for next season.

"The driver of auto 3 [Ricciardo] admitted he left his move to overtake on the left, too late". Both drivers received a formal reprimand, and each apologised to Red Bull.

"We don't want to interfere with them going wheel-to-wheel". Their engineers are managing, obviously working with the drivers, but we don't want to interfere in letting them go wheel to wheel, and they've been very good at that up to this point.