Upstate events held for National Day of Prayer

May 04, 2018, 09:53
Upstate events held for National Day of Prayer

Thursday marks the annual National Day of Prayer. "Just encourage them (people) to come out, you don't have to have a speaking role, you just come here and participate".

The Day of Prayer service at MGM came one day after there was an increased law enforcement presence on campus due to a threat of violence that was made on social media. "Unity is what Christ preached and prayed for and today is our opportunity to help fulfill that".

In his address in the White House Rose Garden, the President said, "we are a nation of believers" and went on to say, "As President, I will always protect religious liberty".

The president took a moment to tout his past achievements, including the executive order he signed previous year to prevent the Johnson Amendment from interfering First Amendment rights.

It's called the National Day of Prayer Tour.

"There's prayer going on on a regular basis in this White House", Pence said during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network on Thursday. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity.

Some of the local leaders who have been scheduled to pray include Mayor Steve Little, Commission Chairman David Walker, McDowell High counselor Kendall Waugh and Chief Deputy Ricky Buchanan.

"We have to keep the faith and if we can keep the faith, everything will be all right", Rivers added.

Today, until sunset (8:29 p.m.) the doors to St. Paul United Methodist Church, 746 Cherry St., will be open so people of all faiths and schedules can stop in and pray.

"I really believe that Americans need to stand up and pray for our nation", Terry Gregg of Weatherly said.

Lewis-Williams said, "Our theme which this country was founded on actually, which is prayer, we have minted on our money, '"In God We Trust,"' and in God we do trust".