Jeff Bezos explains how his space company will save civilization

May 01, 2018, 08:45
Jeff Bezos explains how his space company will save civilization

It was also the first Blue Origin New Shepard rocket to test out whether acrylic windows could withstand entry into space, CNET reported.

Blue Origin, the U.S. aerospace company owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has launched its suborbital New Shepard rocket and space capsule.

The M8 lift-off marked the second time that Blue Origin's test dummy Mannequin Skywalker flew to space to conduct astronaut telemetry and science studies.

The booster rocket, on its second test flight, dropped tail first toward the launch site after separating from the capsule, re-igniting its engine and releasing four landing legs to safely get back on Earth.

New Shepard brought to the target height of 105 913 meters - slightly higher than the normal flying missiles company (100 km).

The New Shepard rocket nearly hovers for a moment before straightening up and landing down, unlike the Falcon 9, whose thrusters have to blast just to stop the rocket crashing into the landing pad and exploding. New Glenn is a larger launch system that will be able to send satellites and other payloads to orbit, making it a more direct competitor for SpaceX. In December, its seventh New Shepard mission launched, landed and successfully deployed the unmanned Crew Capsule 2.0. The retrothrusters, ignited just before touchdown, ensuring that the capsule touched down at a reasonably gentle 1-2 miles per hour (1.6-3.2 kph) at T+10:10.

Importantly, the fourth test - and following fifth test - provided valuable, in-flight data and risk assessment for a single-parachute out scenario for New Shepard's capsule.

She also mentioned a detail about Blue Origin's operations at the Cape: It's mission control center will be at the 750,000-square-foot rocket factory, which is on Kennedy Space Center land leased by Space Florida.

A few days before the New Shepard test flight, the world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, revealed that launch preparations for the spacecraft were underway. Blue Origin hasn't yet set a timetable, or a sticker price, for those business flights.

That said, it is also not known what would be the cost of a single suborbital space trip on Blue Origin's New Shepard.

Blue Origin is an aerospace start-up firm established by Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and tech entrepreneur. After a period of freefall, the booster completes a rocket-powered vertical landing at about 5mph.