Moscow calls on West to 'seriously consider' consequences of Syria threats

Apr 13, 2018, 02:43
Moscow calls on West to 'seriously consider' consequences of Syria threats

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis also injected an element of caution, telling the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday that his greatest fear of a potential strike on Syria is that the conflict would "escalate out of control, if you get my drift".

Rep. Adam Smith, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, said he sees no legal justification for a usa strike in Syria, absent explicit authorization by Congress.

She said the Syrian army's victory in Eastern Ghouta constituted a turning point in the course of the Syrian war.

The tweet comes as Trump weighs how to punish Damascus after President Bashar al-Assad's forces carried out an April 7 chemical attack on civilians, killing at least 40 people.

Sanders says the confident in laying blame on the Syrian government and its Russian allies for Saturday's deadly attack in Douma.

Russian Federation announced on Thursday that the Syrian government is in full control of a town on the outskirts of Damascus that was held by rebels and was the site of a suspected chemical attack over the weekend.

President Emmanuel Macron says France has proof that the Syrian government launched chlorine gas attacks.

Germany will not participate in attacks on the Assad regime, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel.

. At the same time, she made clear that Germany wouldn't stand in the way of a response by its allies. On Tuesday, Macron said any French action would target Syria's chemical weapons abilities.

"These voices and possible moves will only contribute to further destabilization of the region which will in turn threaten global peace and security", Assad was cited as saying.

But during a meeting with national security officials at the White House earlier this week, Trump told reporters he would not publicly telegraph his moves - something he criticized former President Barack Obama for doing.

Sanders adds that USA officials are "continuing to assess intelligence" and are "engaged in conversations with our partners and allies".

Some lawmakers have expressed reservations about taking military action now, but others have come to believe the 2013 vote was a mistake.

In an interview with pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV on Wednesday, Shabaan said the USA threats of striking Syria aim to practice more pressure to make more gains, Xinhua reported.

Assad said Thursday that Western threats to strike Syria are based on "lies" and seek to undermine his forces' advances near Damascus. Trump responded then by launching dozens of Navy cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield.

Trump denied saying when - or even if - the US would strike the Assad regime over suspicion is used chemical weapoins to attack its own people.

"France will not allow any escalation that could harm the stability of the region as a whole but we can't let regimes that think they can do everything they want, including the worst things that violate worldwide law, to act", Macron said. France is already involved in the US -led coalition created in 2014 to fight the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq. "Assad and Russian Federation have been given a free hand militarily".