Australia sternly warns Commonwealth Athletes as some go missing

Apr 13, 2018, 02:35
Australia sternly warns Commonwealth Athletes as some go missing

Hanson duly became Australia's oldest ever Commonwealth Games gold medal victor after breaking a one-day-old record set by 67-year-old Lynne Seymour yesterday.

Commonwealth Games Federation CEO David Grevemberg said officials were working with the Ugandan and Rwandan athletes' respective teams.

Word of the missing African athletes first spread online around 6pm on Tuesday after three of them - a weightlifter and two boxers - failed to show up to their scheduled events.

The three weightlifters and five boxers have been reported to the Queensland police by their own team officials.

Six of the athletes had already competed but two had not.

Of those 100 athletes, 45 tried to stay in Australia, including athletes from Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Tanzania and Cameroon.

Meanwhile, most of the remaining Cameroon delegation has left Australia now that their specific competitions are complete.

Minister of Home Affairs Peter Dutton said if the athletes did not leave by the May 15 deadline, the Australian Border Force (ABF) would find and lock them in a watch house until their deportation back to their countries of origin.

'We would appreciate them sticking within the law, enjoying themselves, but sticking within the law, that includes Cameroon and any other athletes.

The first round of missing athletes were discovered on Sunday when three of the team "departed the village".

While acknowledging it was unknown why the athletes had fled, Cr Dobie said it was perhaps not shocking.

She said that while the athletes spent the majority of their time training, they made use of local facilities, played against local teams and were excited to see a kangaroo in the wild.

"The compliance officers will be out there, I promise, tracking these people down and they'll be deported as quickly as possible", he told Macquarie Radio on Thursday. "And if they are thinking of doing anything other, I would encourage them not to".

"I think it is also important to remember that these athletes are guests here in Australia and are still within their visas and have the right to travel freely".