Twins battle cold, Mariners and come out on top

Apr 07, 2018, 01:31
Twins battle cold, Mariners and come out on top

At the Minneapolis Twins' home opener against the Seattle Mariners, however, a confused - or rebellious - bald eagle flew onto Mariners pitcher James Paxton. All the trappings were set as America's favorite past time commenced in Minnesota.

The bald eagle brought in for a ceremonial flight over the field was the final piece of the pregame pomp, prior to the playing of the national anthem.

The eagle's handler quickly came over to retrieve the bird and it appears Paxton suffered no ill effects from his brush with one of nature's most majestic creatures. Minnesota lost 5-4 on Monday and on Wednesday the Twins struck back with a 7-3 victory. Then the eagle, named Challenger, landed in the grass before circling back to find a perch on Paxton's right shoulder.

Fortunately for the Ms, the unlikely bird encounter hasn't fazed Paxton one bit. But it was just trying to stand on my shoulder. He said he did feel a "sharp pain", but there were no scratches.

"I just really enjoy watching baseball and so just to get outside".

Other players on both teams had a good laugh over the incident.

The Twins opened their season on the road with a three-game series against the Baltimore Orioles and a two-game series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.