Apple is experimenting with touchless gestures and curved screen iPhones

Apr 06, 2018, 03:31

Apple might be building some bold new features for future generations of iPhones: touchless gesture controls and curved screens. The said functionalities which have been missing from Apple devices, if implemented, will help the tech giant attract new customers and will provide them with an edge over their competitors.

Talking about touchless gestures, it will allow users to interact with their devices by getting their finger close to the screen but not touch it. All iPhones released so far have flat screens with only the iPhone X's OLED screen having a slight near-invisible curve at the bottom.

As stated, both features are in early stages of development and it will be a couple of years before they see the light of day.

If you didn't think the iPhone X was a substantial enough shift in terms of design, it looks like Apple has a more significant revamp in store. The technology likely won't be ready for consumers for at least two years, if Apple chooses to go forward with it, a person familiar with the work said. An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

Apple is by no means the first company to consider curved screens or touchless gestures.

The firm is also reportedly working on a completely new type of screen technology, MicroLED, and may also be developing its own chips to replace the Intel components in its personal computers. Google's ATAP research group has been working this sort of technology, too, through its Project Soli program.

And finally, Apple's exploring a technology that's similar to Samsung's Air Gestures, which lets users do things like flip through web pages by waving their hand. "The costs of the new [microLED] panels are 400-600% higher than those of the existing Apple Watch's same-size OLED panels, Lin estimates".