Parliament bids farewell to 60 Rajya Sabha retiring members

Mar 31, 2018, 07:57
Parliament bids farewell to 60 Rajya Sabha retiring members

The deadlock in the Rajya Sabha finally ended on Wednesday when members across party lines agreed to Vice-President M Venkaiah Naidu's request that the retiring members be allowed to give their farewell speeches.

However, one-third of the members retire after every two years in the house.

PRIME Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday, lamented that disruptions in Parliament have unfortunately prevented several members, retiring from the Rajya Sabha, from being able to participate in debates on historic legislations like the triple talaq Bill.

Rajni Patil, also of the Congress, said it was destiny that she did not get a full tenure either in the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha, to which Naidu said, "then you go to Lok Sabha again", which again evoked laughter across the House. They weren't politically motivated. Gallant soldiers sacrificed their lives for the country and while watching their families receiving the awards, he was reminded of the events in the house, the Chairman said in a choked voice.

Lauding the contribution of Prof PJ Kurien, who is also retiring, as Deputy chairman, the PM said, "everyone will remember Professor Kurien's smiling face, even when he is admonishing others".

The Congress leader named Naresh Agarwal and Bhupinder Singh for playing an important role in Rajya Sabha.

Over these years, we have forged a common bond of friendship and objective to take forward the cause of Parliamentary democracy.

Jaitley referred to some of the prominent members who are retiring, including DP Tripathi - with whom he was in jail during the Emergency - and Tapan Sen (CPM).

During her farewell speech, Chowdhury, 63, said: "He (Naidu) knows me from many kilos before".

Naidu asked her to shed weight and work to increase the political weight of her party. "Sir, many people worry about my weight but in this job, you need to throw your weight around", Renuka Chowdhury said while making her farewell speech in the House.