Microsoft shakes up ranks to shoot for the cloud

Mar 30, 2018, 01:17
Microsoft shakes up ranks to shoot for the cloud

Elsewhere, Microsoft's Scott Guthrie will now lead a new team focused on Cloud and AI, with Jason Zander being promoted as the EVP of Azure.

As a result of the reorganization efforts, Rajesh Jha will take on the position as the chief of the new Experiences & Devices team.

The driver behind the move is the forthcoming departure of Terry Myerson, a 21-year Microsoft veteran who serves as executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group. The feature is now limited to Microsoft's Outlook, Hotmail, Live, and Office 365 services-anyone who uses Gmail, Yahoo, or Exchange Server calendars is going to miss out.

The big news around today's announcement from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is that long-time company employee Terry Myerson will retire.

Back in 2015, Nadella reorganized to combine Windows software together with all of the company's various hardware efforts, at the time including Surface computers, HoloLens VR gear, Lumia smartphones, the Surface Hub table display, the Band fitness tracker and the Xbox gaming system.

Microsoft telegraphed its plan to make AI an even bigger part of the company previous year.

After starting with Ubuntu, Microsoft has added a number of Linux distributions to its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) Linux runtime environment. Windows will become part of the newly named Core OS group.

Joe Belfiore, who was once the chief promoter of Windows 10 Mobile, will be responsible for pushing Windows experiences with the PC and device ecosystem.

"He thanks the company that he called "[his] work, [his] team, and [his] objective for 21 years" and plans to "now take some time to train for a half Ironman, learn to play the piano or guitar...[learn] more about genomics and robotics" and spend more quality time with his wife and kids. "These modern needs, habits and expectations of our customers are motivating us to bring Windows, Office, and third-party applications and devices into a more cohesive Microsoft 365 experience".

Developers will be able to make the app public whenever they choose and can even set a timer that would transition it to public automatically at a certain point, the post said. Preview Build 17634 boasts the usual bug fixes, performance improvements, and new issues as other pre-release software, but it also expands Windows' search and Cortana Show Me tools. "I've loved your applause when we've done great work and I've loved the push to do better", Myerson said.