Cautionary Tale: Don't Drink And Drive On Your Wedding Day

Mar 14, 2018, 06:01
Cautionary Tale: Don't Drink And Drive On Your Wedding Day

An Arizona woman who was on her way to her own wedding was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving Monday, reports The Associated Press.

The bride's arrest followed a three-car crash, and Scott insinuated in a now-deleted tweet that Young's alleged intoxication was a factor. Police spokesman Sgt. Chriswell Scott said one person was left with minor injuries after the crash.

A picture issued by the Marana Police Department shows the bride-to-be in handcuffs being ushered into the back of a patrol vehicle on a busy road.

"This morning at 10:30, we received a 911 call about a three-car collision on the corner of Orange Grove and Thornydale roads", Scott tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

'This could've turned out way worse than it did.

She was transported to a Marana Police substation where a blood draw was conducted. After signing a criminal citation, she was released to her fiance, according to KVOA in Tucson.

Bride to be, Amber Young, knows just what that feels like.

"However, Arizona law allows for your license to be suspended if there is alcohol concentration less than 0.08 percent in the case of slight impairment".