Teen who escaped "house of horrors" posted videos on secret account

Mar 08, 2018, 01:35
Teen who escaped

The videos, released by the United States show Good Morning America (GMA), show the teenager singing mostly original songs to the camera, and according to GMA the most recent video was released just one week before she escaped via a window and alerted authorities, who rescued her remaining siblings.

One went: "You blame me for everything, you blame me in every way, you blame me for what they say, what they say".

The 17-year-old managed to burst the house of horror and reach the police on January 14th, revealing one of the most frightful stories of domestic violence in time.

In her Instagram account under an alias, she posted selfies, pictures of animals and photos of singer Justin Bieber, ABC news reported.

She is also seen playing with the family's two dogs, who police say where treated better than the children.

The most recent clip on the account was posted about a week before she escaped from the home. One of the girl's video clips includes a look at a room with clothes scattered everywhere. When authorities probed the residence they reported the home stunk of human waste. They face up to life in prison after being charged with torture and child abuse.

By February, lawyers for the older children told media that they were making decisions for themselves for the first time.

When authorities did a welfare check on the home, they found her other 12 siblings living in miserable conditions, with three of them shackled to furniture. Both of the parents are pleading not guilty to all charges.

The case sparked national attention as details of the abuse came to light.

Tricia Andreassen and Elizabeth Flores visited Louise and David Turpin in jail as they face numerous abused and torture charges relating to their 13 children. David Turpin was also charged with one count of a lewd act on a child under the age of 14 by force, fear or duress.

Prosecutors allege the children were subjected to "frequent beatings" and "even strangulation", and weren't allowed to be unshackled to go to the bathroom.