Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds

Mar 08, 2018, 01:32
Teen Breaks Retainer Thirsting After Shirtless Michael B. Jordan; Actor Responds

According to a dentist on Tumblr, it was Michael B. Jordan's gratuitous shirtless scenes in the film which hit one of his patients right where it hurt: in her orthodontics. That is my orthodontist's tumblr.

It hasn't gone unnoticed that besides being a record-breaking blockbuster and a savvy and much needed statement on race and representation, Marvel's Black Panther is also a massive thirst trap. Wait, that's what Dateline is all about, I wonder what her dad would say about this.

Soon, the post went viral and made its way to Twitter and where a biracial teen named Sophia Robb confirmed, "that girl is me" on Monday, March 5.

Robb later privately messaged Jordan, to which she announced that the star had replied to her private message.

The internet found the whole thing hilarious, especially when the patient in question found the post and confessed that it was about her. Robb even changed her Twitter profile to "I'm the girl who broke her retainer over Michael B Jordan in Black Panther".

A story about a person who was particularly passionate about Jordan was shared via Tumblr recently. "The idea of him even seeing the post is so insane to me".

And now it looks like we know Michael's thoughts on the situation - and he wants to lend a helping hand. But another reason why the movie is so great is the cast. "I don't think I could've handled sitting in the office for more than thirty minutes after sharing my story", she said.

"Robb's good fortune continued when Jordan tweeted at her, writing, "[email protected] since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers let me know if I can replace them".