Google Lens Rolling Out to Every Android Phone, iOS Coming Soon

Mar 08, 2018, 01:24
Google Lens Rolling Out to Every Android Phone, iOS Coming Soon

Google Lens is a tool that Google launched a year ago, but it has only been available for Pixel users.

Developing a "light" update to Skype, Microsoft focuses on the hundreds of millions of users, mainly in developing countries.

For instance, if you've snapped a business card, you'll be able to upload the person's details directly into your contacts.

Called Google Lens, the feature was a new addition to Google's latest smartphone, which came out last October. This much-touted feature is finally making its way to all Android smartphones via Google Photos. This is no doubt thanks to Apple and the manufacturers of Android devices who are choosing to copy that design feature. Inside Lens the camera will identify popular landmarks, using, Google search to provide data like a description and even the hours of operation. While the technology is still in its infancy, the expectation is that we'll soon be able to "Shazam" the world around us using our smartphone's camera. With the Google Lens, you get more information about a landmark or an address.

Will Lens work for your Android device?

Google Lens can do more than just telling you about when a monument was built and what are its opening hours.

Google Lens was announced for the Pixel phones exclusively.

However, Google's expansion game has been playing out well as the market remains excited by the practical Lens tool in Google Photos, allowing Android users to have a taste of the AI-powered image recognition app. If you've already used it, how did it work for you? (As some commenters noted, it also looks basically like the Patreon logo.) As you scroll up and down, the colors change and the P gets bigger and smaller in a funhouse-like effect. This will include the ability to access functions like smart replies or attach photo and stickers through the notification interface instead of opening the messaging app.