Angry Bachelor Fans Rented Billboards to Hate On Arie

Mar 07, 2018, 07:23
Angry Bachelor Fans Rented Billboards to Hate On Arie

Sadly, the drama is only going to continue tonight (March 6), as the After the Final Rose special airs at 8 p.m. EST. In fact, Luyendyk called himself "a monster" ahead of the finale.

"The Bachelor" is now in the middle of a two-part season finale, and many fans of the show were furious after the first part aired Monday night. But it's also faced criticism for its masterful manipulation of a woman's pain.

The way the finale was handled suggests that ABC, after a season of low ratings, was desperate for a hit.

Kufrin was one of 29 women competing for the heart of and engagement to realtor and race auto driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. "After all of this happened, it really made me question, [and think], 'OK, maybe he is who the tabloids say that he is'".

For those down for a law supporting Becca, though, a user suggested: "If it gets 10,000, can you author a bill that the State of Minnesota will not recognize any of Arie's future marriages?" He broke up with her without really explaining why and then proposed to Becca in front of the cameras and a small but curious pack of Alpacas. It was excruciating to watch and of course social media took him to task, but it looks like a few Bachelor fans went above and beyond to let Arie know that he's a jerk. She thought she was sent to Los Angeles to film footage of the progress in their relationship. Ominous? Probably. Bachelor producers control everything.

Becca wasn't given any privacy or respect during the highly emotional moment.

During the show's three-hour season finale, the former race auto driver proposed to Becca in a fairy-tale rose ceremony, telling her: 'I choose you today, and I choose you every day from here on out.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, when Luyendyk visited Burnham, he begged for her to take him back and she did. As the 2 spend time together, Arie is struggling to get past Lauren, he can't stop thinking about her. Becca is aware that he's struggling but doesn't seem concerned about it. More than once, one of the cameras following Arie or Becca cut to black. "Even if on that last day, he said, 'I'm still uncertain, this is a big move, I don't want to get down on one knee unless I'm 1,000 percent sure, but I still want to be with you, ' I would have been fine with that". "What are you still doing here?"

"There was a better and more tactful way to do it", she said of getting rejected on TV. This episode felt less like "The Bachelor" and more like an episode of Lifetime's "UnReal", which satirizes the exploitative nature of the former.

During the live show with host Chris Harrison, Becca spoke about the incident for the first time.

When watching the breakup scene play back on Monday, a shaken Becca admitted that it was "brutal".