Steve Jobs' typo-laden CV set to fetch £35800 at auction

Feb 25, 2018, 01:45
Steve Jobs' typo-laden CV set to fetch £35800 at auction

A handwritten job application by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, which is approximately over four decades old, will go up for auction next month.

According to the Boston-based auction house, the application is likely to draw $50,000 or more.

He writes "yes" in response to the question "Driver's License?", but when asked whether he has "Access to transportation?" he writes "possible, but not probable".

According to reports, it seems that Jobs has always been interested in the field of technology design as the job application that Jobs filled out revealed how he considered his skill in it to be a special ability. "He added in brackets below, "(design, tech)". Other items available for bid include a signed newspaper clipping detailing a "New, faster iphone" that will "sell for $199" (those were the days) with an estimated worth of $15,000, and a signed Mac OS X technical manual from 2001, estimated at $25,000.

For those looking to have a chance to own the Jobs-related memorabilia, the auction will be held on March 8 to March 15. Each item is signed by Jobs, with the latter also featuring the signature of Tony Fadell. Jobs' educational background in English Literature isn't an ideal qualification for someone who became one of the most prominent names in electronics.

Steve Jobs' typo-laden CV set to fetch £35800 at auction

In 1976 Jobs and Wozniak formed Apple in the garage of Jobs's home on Crist Drive in Los Altos. In 1980, Jobs took the company public, in a listing on the Nasdaq that raised about $100 million - one of the biggest floats at the time.

A number of Jobs' personal items have gone on sale in the past.

However, the entrepreneur served as the CEO of Apple from 1997 until 2011. He handed over the reins to incumbent CEO Tim Cook in 2011 and was named the chairman. Jobs died later that year of respiratory arrest resulting from the spread of a pancreatic tumor. This remarkable employment questionnaire reveals Jobs' early aspiration to work in the fledgling tech industry, which he would soon revolutionize forever, isn't it?

During his tenure at Apple, the tech giant created some of its most well-known products, including the Macintosh Computer, the iPod, iTunes and the iPhone.