Nine sent off as ref abandons derby

Feb 21, 2018, 00:30
Nine sent off as ref abandons derby

Football is known as the handsome game, but sometimes it does turn ugly.

Nine footballers were sent off in a Brazilian match between local rivals Bahia and Vitoria. The referees were forced to abandon the fixture after 9 players were sent off.

The Bahia state championship match between Vitoria and Bahia has descended into farce after Bahia scored a penalty and celebrated by dancing in front of their home supporters.

Five players were sent off in the immediate aftermath - three from Bahia and two from Vitoria - and then each side had another player dismissed moments later when the fighting found its way to the terraces.

Punches were thrown, leading to three red cards for Vitoria and two for Bahia.

Players from both teams started a fight, with Vitoria's defender Kanu even hitting Vinicius' face with a one-two combo.

Two of Brazil's biggest clubs took to the pitch yesterday, and everyone involved should've known there was something amiss when a player was given a yellow card within the very first minute of play.

The minimum requirement for a team to have on the field is seven players, leading to the referee to call off the game 11 minutes early.

However, in this case, 5 players from Vitoria and 4 from Bahia were sent off.

Sky Sports says that Brazil's sporting court will now decide what action to take over the derby chaos.