Methods to watch Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster disappear into deep house

Feb 14, 2018, 18:34
Methods to watch Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster disappear into deep house

The vehicle with a dummy driver dubbed "Starman" was tied to the Falcon Heavy rocket by SpaceX and was originally meant to be inserted into an orbit that would fly closer to Mars but the third engine burn of the Falcon Heavy upper stage "exceeded" that orbit, sending the auto into deep space, Elon Musk had said earlier this week. The presence of a second drone ship will give SpaceX much more flexibility in plotting out future Falcon Heavy launches and recoveries, with it then possible to have the side boosters land at sea simultaneously.

SpaceX's other drone ships are named after ships in books written by the same author. The Falcon Heavy rocket flew with Three Falcon 9 booster- a strengthened central core and two side strap boosters. " The ship will be used off of the East Coast of the United States to support launches of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets, he said".

Eventually, Musk hopes that Falcon Heavy will be able to take humans to Mars, and is aiming to put a person on the red planet as soon as 2024.

After the Falcon Heavy launch, from Kennedy Space Center, the rocket's the rocket's center core missed the Of Course I Still Love You ship by about 300 feet, but the force created by its 300 miles per hour water impact damaged the ship's two engines. The ship will be called A Shortfall Of Gravitas, which like Of Course I Still Love You and the Pacific-based Just Read The Instructions gets its name from the sentient starships in Iain Banks's Culture novels. On why it happened, Musk said that there was "not enough ignition fluid to light the outer two engines after several three engine relights", adding, "Fix is pretty obvious". Currently, Of Course I Still Love You is present at Port Canaveral and has successfully recovered many Falcon 9 boosters for reuse.

Overall, the Falcon Heavy launch was deemed a success.

SpaceX is confident it can keep recovering boosters from Falcon Heavy launches. The company, fresh off the successful launch of the world's most powerful rocket is expecting a lot more demand for their services and an additional landing pad could help SpaceX better manage landings. It has many private-sector uses, including communications satellites.