VLC v3.0 brings support for Google Chromecast and more

Feb 11, 2018, 03:58
VLC v3.0 brings support for Google Chromecast and more

If true, that would mean VLC 3.0 is a long-term support release, which are versions or editions of a software meant to be supported for a long period.

VLC is one of the rare players capable of playing every other file and format you throw at it. This also brings HDR10 support, deinterlacing, and chroma upscaling using Direct3D 11 in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Make sure to check the VLC page to find out all the new features that have been added to version 3.0. While VLC is open source, this part of it isn't; Tom's Hardware reports that VideoLAN explained it "used Google's official closed-source SDK to build out the feature, which prevents it from releasing the source".

Right now, VLC's Chromecast support is only available for Windows PCs and Android devices and should be considered a beta in terms of functionality (other platforms will receive Chromecast support in later updates).

Folks with a Chromecast streaming stick will be pleased as well, as this update adds support for native Chromecast playback, which is ideal because Chromecast doesn't support a lot of video files itself. That's where it becomes complicated, Chromecast only supports very few codecs number, let's say h264. Video formats also proved to be a challenge. The surprising factor about the program is that wherever you go, you will end it finding a version of it running on it ready to take on all the unique file formats. VLC can convert any video file into a format that the Chromecast device can read. "And of course in real time, which is challenging on Android because phones are less powerful than computers", he added.

This major new version of the software has been in development since June of 2016. If you have been thinking that the developers are going future proof by introducing 4K, you are kind of wrong because they are pushing the boundaries too higher as the app would now support 8K playback on all major platforms.