Quincy Jones Claims He Dated Ivanka Trump & We Have Questions

Feb 10, 2018, 01:59
Quincy Jones Claims He Dated Ivanka Trump & We Have Questions

Caution: your tongue might get burnt from all this scorching hot tea. Ahead of his 85th birthday in March, the songwriter and music legend made a decision to take the tea pot, smash it over our heads, and set fire to everything we've ever known in literally the most insane interview we've ever read.

This revelation is too much for Vulture's David Marchese. Nobody was anticipating this answer. And I said, "Yeah, motherfucker because it ain't you". "He stole a lot of songs", comes the unexpected reply. Why? "He was as Machiavellian as they come", he said.

When asked to elaborate, he did not mince words.

Jones also called the Thriller hitmaker a "greedy man".

Additionally, Jackson didn't give his keyboardist Greg Phillinganes any percentage of the song "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough".

Quincy Jones has crossed paths with many famous musicians during his illustrious career, and the legendary producer has no problem sharing his opinions, no matter how negative, about some of those artists.

Afterwards, the 84-year-old said that he used to fight with Jackson over his plastic surgery, and whenever the singer would say he needed it because of a disease, Jones accused him of lying.

"It's because there's a side of her [Hillary Clinton] - when you keep secrets, they backfire", Jones said. "What do you expect?"

It might be hard to believe, but the interview gets even crazier from there. He dropped a handful of other nuggets throughout the conversation, including how he turned down Elon Musk's invitation to Burning Man and how he knows who killed former United States president John F. Kennedy. There's been no comment from Ivanka Trump or her father on the story.

"[Trump is] a insane motherf*cker".

Quincy Jones goes on to call Trump a mentally limited megalomaniac and decry the state of music today. "I can't stand him".

"I dated Ivanka, you know?".

I was hoping he'd follow that up with "won't ya back that ass up". Apparently, 12 years ago (when Jones was 72 and Ivanka was 24), Tommy Hilfiger set them up on a dinner date. She's a fine motherf*****'. Great guy, though.#MeToo and all the women coming forward with sexual assault allegations against powerful Hollywood men:But what about the alleged behavior of a friend of yours like Bill Cosby? Not a damn thing. There ain't nothing new.