Last members of British jihadist gang 'the Beatles' held in Syria

Feb 10, 2018, 02:00
Last members of British jihadist gang 'the Beatles' held in Syria

THE last two fanatics in a bloodthirsty British ISIS gang dubbed "The Beatles" have been captured in Syria.

She said she received a late night phone call breaking the news that the two British extremists believed to have been members of the IS execution group dubbed "The Beatles" had been captured.

It remains unclear exactly when Kotey and Elsheikh were captured, but American officials were informed in mid-January that the duo might have been detained by the SDF.

The report added that the men were identified by fingerprints and other biometric means.

Their leader, Jihadi John, was killed in an air strike in 2015. The fourth man, Aine Davis, is reportedly in a Turkish prison on accusations of terrorism. Others were British aid workers David Haines and Alan Henning, US journalist Steven Sotloff, and American aid worker Peter Kassig.

But French journalist Nicolas Henin, who was kidnapped and held by Islamic State for 10 months, demanded the men be brought to justice in the UK.

In total, they killed 27 hostages and tortured many more. Aine Davis, another member of the gang, was captured in Turkey a year ago.

London-born Alexanda Amon Kotey was wanted by the United Kingdom and USA for his alleged role in the torture and murder of British and American captives. Both men, along with their two colleagues, were named "Specially Designated Global Terrorists" by the State Department for participating in torture and execution on behalf of ISIS, which once laid claim to about half of Iraq and Syria at the group's height in 2014.

Elsheikh travelled to Syria in 2012 and joined Al-Qaeda in Syria before aligning himself with ISIS.

Elsheikh, who had worked as a mechanic in London, is accused of a similar campaign of torture, including the use of waterboarding and conducting mock executions and crucifixions. "Kotey has also acted as an ISIL recruiter and is responsible for recruiting several United Kingdom nationals to join the terrorist organization", the Department said on its website about the 34-year-old British national.

Known to his friends as "Shaf", he was one of three sons brought up by his mum after the family moved to Britain. US officials sought to keep their capture under the radar to give more time to prepare raids against ISIS targets and follow-up on intelligence leads.

The daughter of a Scottish aid worker who was beheaded by the Islamic State group in Syria has said she hopes his killers die a "slow, painful death".

The families have long hoped to recover the bodies of their loved ones, but ISIS' control of chunks of Syria rendered the task almost impossible.

He went to state schools, then studied computer science at the University of Westminster before leaving for Syria in 2013.