Deals for National Pizza Day in Madison

Feb 10, 2018, 02:04
Deals for National Pizza Day in Madison

Well, it's not only Friday- it's also National Pizza Day. If so, it's easy as pie!

Pizza Express has has two money-saving offers for the big day - choose from either a starter and main from £9.95, or sweeten the deal with three courses (including dessert) from just £12.95.

They're offering two menu items for $5.99 each.

Or, get a large single topping pizza, an order of stuffed cheese bread a free two liter of Pepsi for $15.99.

Baskin-Robbins: Free sample of Sweetheart Polar Pizza from 3 7 p.m. From Pizza Hut to even Baskin Robbins, there are plenty of chains who are ready and willing to make sure you are doing it right.

Chuck E. Cheese's is constantly updating its printable pizza coupons. Frozen pizza producers have started using high-quality, gourmet topping. Plus find more BOGO specials and combo deals here.

Papa John's is offering a large or pan crust Dual Layer Pepperoni pizza for $10 through March 5, 2018. Part of the restaurant's Create Your Own Lunch Duos menu.

Guests who download the myPilot app beginning February 8 will find an offer for a free slice of PJ Fresh Pizza available to redeem at participating locations.

At Pizza Hut, rewards members get 30 percent off all pizzas on Friday. Both offers are online only.

In a nod to Friday's National Pizza Day, the Arkansas Department of Transportation paid tribute on social media to the pizzas lost in a truck crash in Little Rock previous year.