Venom trailer: Tom Hardy stars in first look at Spider-Man spin-off

Feb 09, 2018, 01:58
Venom trailer: Tom Hardy stars in first look at Spider-Man spin-off

Sony's Venom has got its first teaser trailer, and while it does not have any shot of Spider-man's anti-hero, it does show Tom Hardy going through a rough phase in a hospital, which indicated a painful transformation into the character.

Along with Hardy, the film stars Michelle Williams as Anne Weying, Riz Ahmed as Dr. Carlton Drake, Jenny Slate as Dora Skirth, Scott Haze as Roland Treece and Woody Harrelson in an undisclosed role.

Couch: Locke is a great example - everyone go watch Locke if you haven't seen it. It makes you wonder, are the post effects not going as well as expected to make Venom look as realistic as possible? Maybe it's a breakup. We can presume the MRI has to do with the symbiote having infested Hardy's body and it's not reacting well. As a result, Intrigue and interest seem to be the goal for this teaser trailer, and Sony succeeds with this venture. Although we know Marvel Comics' "Planet of the Symbiotes" and "Lethal Protector" storylines are providing inspiration, Sony will still want to keep plot details under wraps. But not much else is revealed and we still don't know what the Venom looks like. Rest of the trailer is spent following a distressed Tom Hardy roaming on streets of San Fransico. Will Topher Grace, who infamously played the character in "Spider-Man 3", make a guest appearance?

The new trailer focuses way more on the symbiote than some fans might realize at first glance.

The number one thing most fans will notice upon the trailer's completion is that we don't get a single image of what Hardy looks like as the titular character. As Hardy says in a voice-over, "whatever it was, you used to be one of them". Following that we see Brock standing alone in the lab at the mention of "a death".

Sony is due to release "Venom" on October 5.

The trailer might be low on Venom, but it does feature plenty of Hardy and his NY accent.

Venom is set to be released on October 5th and will be directed by Ruben Fleischer, who is best known for directing the 2009 cult-hit Zombieland.