New features coming to PS4's operating system in big 5.50 update

Feb 07, 2018, 01:09
New features coming to PS4's operating system in big 5.50 update

Finally, once software update 5.50 arrives, your Library's getting some properly powerful organization tools - perhaps even more potent than the Dewey Decimal System (don't tell Conan the Librarian I said that). This feature will allow family managers (and adult family members who are set as guardians) to manage PS4 playtime for child family members on PSN. Additionally, they have the option of automatically logging the child out of the PS4 once playtime ends. They can apply restrictions to ensure the child is only playing for a set amount of time or within set playable hours.

However, two new additions not detailed in our previous reporting are the new parental control settings and the ability to import custom wallpapers via USB images. You can also zoom and crop your images so they look ideal on your dashboard. Note that the picture files on a USB stick need to be located in a folder named "IMAGES" for the PS4 to recognize them. This is accomplished via a new USB storage device option on the Themes area of the Settings menu. To set the logo and background, head to Events Teams select your team Edit Team Profile.

There is also Library UI update that sees new tabs added with one being a "This PS4" and the other a Name/Avatar tab. This PS4 tab lists all the apps installed on the console, and the tab with your name and avatar lists all the apps you bought with your PSN ID. There will also be a "PS Plus" tab that sorts out which games have been acquired by simply subscribing to the service, with lapsed players seeing a locked icon until their re-subscription.

Sony's also added quick menu enhancements, allowing you to swiftly access specific buddies on your custom list by using the pulldown menu under the Friends tab in Quick Menu. If your membership has expired, you'll see a lock next to it, until you've resubscribed. The Quick Menu has also been updated with more options when you're listening to music through Spotify. On the Media Player or USB Music Player, the triangle button works as a shortcut for play or pause and the square button can be used to control the volume. You can also now manually delete notifications.

Background Music on PS Now: This allows one to listen to their favorite tracks while streaming games through PS Now. Just be aware, similar to when playing a game on disc or via digital download on PS4, background music may not always be available. Outside of a few games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, PS4 Pro owners without a 4K TV on the other hand, have been left in a lurch in terms of supersampling since the system was released in late 2016.

Supersampling mode will take games that render to a higher resolution when connected to a 4K TV to downscale to match the HDTV.