Rumor: Mario Party 11 coming to Switch next year

Feb 06, 2018, 13:51
Rumor: Mario Party 11 coming to Switch next year

"Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" will also come to the Nintendo Switch, according to the source.

It's worth keeping in mind that Activsion and Treyarch have not disclosed CoD 2018's setting, which means that we'll find out more information about this game later this year or around E3 2018. It is set in the modern era, like Modern Warfare, and will be grounded in realism.

Call of Duty: WW2 is currently out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, however Activision and Treyarch already have job listings for Call of Duty 2018.

It hasn't been confirmed as yet when the 2018 addition to the Call of Duty franchise is going to be.

What makes this news more interesting is the mention of a Switch release.

The Switch version will support DLC, HD Rumble, and motion controls.

Sellars has been accurate a few times-he announced the Nintendo Direct date and was right on the money there-but there's no guarantee this prediction will come to fruition.

The Nintendo Switch version will be ported by a development studio who is familiar with the Call of Duty franchise.

Meanwhile, details regarding the new entry to the first-person shooter franchise claim it will be set in modern times, which seems to be supported by a job listing posted by the publisher and developer a year ago.

The next Call of Duty game in 2018 will be Call of Duty Black Ops 4, according to a self-proclaimed "industry insider". The boots-on-the-ground gameplay is what fans have been wanting for years, and now it seems that's exactly what the series will be churning out for the foreseeable future. Let's just hope it's not a poor port like some of the previous Call of Duty games have been on Nintendo consoles.