Netflix dropping The Cloverfield Paradox immediately following Super Bowl

Feb 06, 2018, 13:45
Netflix dropping The Cloverfield Paradox immediately following Super Bowl

You saw the trailer last night during the Super Bowl and you probably thought that it was headed to theaters when in reality it had just hit Netflix. In a Super Bowl ad, it announced that it would debut a new film in the science fiction "Cloverfield" franchise directly after the Super Bowl.

DuVernay then confirmed the news on her Twitter feed. We also see from news footage with scientist Mark Stambler (Donal Logue) cautioning that the work being done on Cloverfield Station could rip apart space-time and cause monsters, demons, and other bad things to come into our universe. It doesn't help that 10 Cloverfield Lane, despite its nebulous connection to the franchise, was one of the best movies of 2016.

Despite the groundbreaking nature of the film's release, critical reception for The Cloverfield Paradox is lukewarm.

The Cloverfield Paradox is a great example of the film industry's mixed feelings about Netflix. Although 10 Cloverfield Lane and the original Cloverfield take place in different timelines or dimensions, The Cloverfield Paradox is set up as a prequel to the first film, with the description reading: "Ten years ago, some thing arrived. What the film does manage well, aside from some nifty production design, is a string of effective shock moments from the disappearance of a planet to some nasty business with a bunch of worms".

Yet Netflix doesn't always care about the opinions of professional movie reviewers when making decisions on original programming.

The movie was directed by Julius Onah and stars Daniel Bruhl, Elizabeth Debicki, Gug Mbatha-Raw, Zhang Ziyi, Chris O'Dowd and David Oyelowo. It's about a group of astronauts trapped aboard a space station when a mysterious creature (that may or may not be related to the Cloverfield monster) begins hunting them down. The film is about a group of astronauts who are subjected to unusual and mysterious events out in space. Netflix had not tested out this release model prior to this film, but it clearly worked, although the film is a bit of a flop.

Are you excited about the Cloverfield sequel? If this was a test run for this kind of release, it definitely worked, and we have to assume Netflix will do this again when the time is right.

The Cloverfield Paradox cameos of Pegg and Grunberg aren't the only actors to make voice-only cameos in a Cloverfield film.