Met Office issue yellow warning for snow and ice

Feb 06, 2018, 14:01
Met Office issue yellow warning for snow and ice

"We are looking at temperatures remaining below-average for the foreseeable future bringing a risk of snow freezing and staying on the ground for anything from several days to weeks".

The first of a series of yellow weather warnings for ice and snow is in place for southeast England, London, and east England until 10am on Monday.

Between 1cm and 3cm of snow is set to fall across Scotland and Northern Ireland by Monday morning, with hilly areas seeing up to 5cm.

AIRLINE schedules are expected to be heavily disrupted as snow and ice are forecast across the United Kingdom this week.

Sleet, snow and hail showers, some heavy, are possible on Tuesday, with icy stretches again likely to form overnight and into Wednesday.

He said: "Throughout Tuesday evening and the early part of Wednesday we will see a widespread harsh frost with negative temperatures developing across most and if not all parts of the country".

Met Eireann's general forecast states: "Today will be cold and frosty this morning with icy patches".

Overnight pressure begins to build and the showers fade.

"Total snow accumulation by the end of the week expected to be 20 to 30cm [12 inches] over the hills".

The Met Office says it could be one of the coldest weeks of the winter so far.

The Met Office's Chief Forecaster warned against roads covered with ice in Northern Ireland on Tuesday morning.

Rain will quickly turn to sleet and snow as it moves southeast across the United Kingdom tonight and tomorrow.

Claire Kennedy-Edwards, senior meteorologist for The Weather Channel, said the heaviest snow will fall on Tuesday and Friday this week.

Coral bookmakers are making it odds on for snow in several major cities in the United Kingdom this week.