Reba McEntire Is the Newest KFC Colonel Sanders!

Jan 27, 2018, 16:47
Reba McEntire Is the Newest KFC Colonel Sanders!

KFC has chosen country music icon Reba McEntire to play Colonel Sanders in a series of commercials that will begin airing next week, ABC News reports.

Oh, and the new colonel is Reba McEntire, the first time a woman has portrayed the chicken icon.

What she's part of, specifically, is selling the chain's newest regional flavor, Smoky Mountain BBQ fried chicken. "The pairing of a universally loved music legend like Reba with a universally appealing flavor like Smoky Mountain BBQ makes what I like to call 'Smoky Mountain Magic'".

So we watched the spot and sure enough, yes, there's Reba onstage crooning along as a mellifluous Colonel Sanders!

Reba as Colonel Sanders is the ad campaign we never knew we needed, until now.

"Nothing to see here, folks".

The drag KFC appearance for McEntire suggests that the company is adapting to changing cultural norms regarding what is considered acceptable, even in the South.

'I thought the transformation was really amusing, ' said McEntire, who will appear in the ads until the end of April. She tells the AP she "got a big kick" out of taking on the role; she was asked about doing so in December. "KFC has been a part of my life forever".

People magazine reports the commercials will start airing January 28.

KFC posted the first ad Thursday, and it's already generating a little controversy, with one YouTube user commenting: "When feminism goes too far..."

Andrea Zahumensky is KFC's new chief marketing director who oversaw the ad. She is definitely sweet.