Where is Ellen DeGeneres' house in Santa Barbara, California — Montecito mudslide MAP

Jan 13, 2018, 06:46
Where is Ellen DeGeneres' house in Santa Barbara, California — Montecito mudslide MAP

He lived a good long life.

Ellen DeGeneres got emotional during the Thursday, January 11 episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" as she revealed that her dad, Elliot DeGeneres, passed away.

"My dad and me", the comedian tweeted with a throwback picture of her, her dad and her brother Vance.

Her mother, Betty, and father divorced in 1970 when DeGeneres was 13-years-old.

Ellen revealed her father died at the age of 92-years-old, and he lived a good, long life and on his terms, the way he wanted.

The 2-minute clip - which has gotten more than 3 million views on Facebook and another 350,000 on YouTube - showed DeGeneres fondly remembering her dad as amusing and kind, and noting he was proud of both her and her daytime program.

She continued, "He was very proud of me". Ellen also shares that it wasn't sudden and she got to say goodbye to him.

She also shared a sweet childhood memory with the audience, saying: "We only took one family vacation".

"You don't know the power of a mudslide", Degeneres said. Studios. He loved this business. I'm devastated for the families who lost loved ones.

"This [the rainbow] is what I saw after I talked to my dad, and he died 10 minutes later".

She said that she had a chance to say goodbye to her father, and that he left her an incredible gift: a rainbow stretching over her studio. "Sunday night, Portia (her wife, Portia de Rossi) and I got a call that we're under mandatory evacuation again with most of the community of Montecito. We're going to help each other out wherever needed", she shared about how to move forward from the natural disaster.

Fans have already responded, showing their support.

Actor Rob Lowe, who has a property in Montecito, took to Twitter to pay his respects.

"I'm so sorry for your loss".

Our thoughts are with Elliott's loved ones at this hard time. See more photos of Ellen right here.

All of our sympathies go out to Ellen and her family.

The Live audiences had tears in their eyes. I'm sure he was so proud of what a kind and compassionate woman you turned out to be. You are such a special person.